– Lex F&R Advocates team offers variety of services for general corporate matters to a private, domestic, and multinational clientele that covers all significant aspects which are necessary for the establishment and operation of a business within the territory of Republic of Indonesia.

– Our Legal Services includes establishment of a limited liability company, applying for investment approvals and its relevant business permit, as well as draf ting Articles of Association, joint venture agreements, and other relevant corporate documents. Lex F&R Advocates has also provide its client with regulatory advice so that its client shall always comply with Indonesian Company Law as well as other relevant laws and regulations.

– In addition, we also provide legal services with regards to Merger and Acquisition transaction, where we provide advice on transac tion struc ture, which includes preparation of the sale and purchase transac tion and drafting all the relevant agreements, management and succession, legal due diligence reporting, establishment of new entities, preparation of the necessary internal corporate documents and approvals, as well as completion of regulatory filings to the relevant authorized institution.

– Lex F&R Advocates in providing its legal services for the general
corporate matters shall always tailor the client transaction to be in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations without compromising the financial interest of that said client. Sanggam Sianipar is our main contact for General Corporate related matters.