– Lex F&R Advoc ates understand that access to capital to fund expansion and operations is critical to any of its clientele to ensure their ability to meet its short- and long-term objectives. Hence, due to growing interest of our client to seek additional capital through capital market, We as a full-service firm, has also actively provide a broad range of legal services covering the entire spectrum of capital market to our list of clientele.

– This legal services shall consist of counsel on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) transaction, right issue transac tion, bond’ s issuance transac tion, and Securitizations and struc tured finance arrangement. Lex F&R Advocates also possess sufficient experience in dealing with complex legal structures and technical issues and is accustomed to provide solutions in accordance with the interest of its client.

– We consistently position the client at the center of our services, treating their interest as our own interest, and in doing so have also successfully built up a very strong reputation in capital market practice. Febrianto Tarihoran is our main contact for capital market related matters.