Lex F&R Advocates is an Indonesian law firm duly established to provide a full range of legal services for the purpose of guiding its client in a very dynamic and challenging Indonesian legal framework, with the most effective and efficient solution. Fully supported by capable and experience advocates, enabling Lex F&R Advocates to response every single needs that the client might have.

Lex F&R Advocates was established in May 2018 and currently comprises of 3 partners and 5 associates, all of which have comprehensive experience representing broad variety of clientele list and type of transac tion across the region of Republic of Indonesia.

To its client, Lex F&R Advocates will assume the role as the “navigator”, to ensure safety and certainty of the client transactions. In doing so, Lex F&R Advocates embodies itself to act not only for and on behalf of the client, but to go beyond and act as if Lex F&R Advocates is the client itself.

Lex F&R Advocates specializes in corporate and commercial, capital market, Litigation and alternative dispute resolution, investment, and employment matters, resulting in Lex F&R Advocates becomes a “one stop legal solution” for its local and international client. In doing so, Lex F&R Advoc ates also provide world class quality and cutting-edge innovation of legal services in accordance with international standard for legal services, and therefore, setting itself up as the “problem solver” for its client.