– Considering that the complexity of Indonesian employment regulations and its tendency to constantly change, we understand that the client will expect a through representation from Lex F&R Advocates in dealing with its employment related matters. Lex F&R Advocates always keep itself in alignment with he relevant updates on Indonesian employment regulation and utilize such knowledge in order to provide the most comprehensive and state of the art legal services to its client.

– Lex F&R Advocates has advice and represent many of its client on termination of employment and severanc e matters, company regulations, employment contracts, mutual work agreement arrangements, pension funds, secondment arrangements, mandatory training and social security programs. Lex F&R has provide service in relation to expatriate matters, including but not limited to applic ation of work permits, visas, residency permits and all relevant approvals from the relevant authorized institution.

– Not only that, but Lex F&R Advocates has also provide services in the field of Industrial Relationship Dispute, in order to provide full services for its client for all employment related matters. Lex F&R Advocates possess experience in representing its clients in a negotiations with the relevant employee/labor union, negotiations with the relevant Manpower Agency, and represented its client before the relevant Industrial Relations Court. We also offers additional services in the event that any criminal acts conducted to our client in relation to its employment reljationship, such as fraud and embezzl’ement, and on the remedies available to our client if they find themselves affected by such criminal acts. Sanggam Sianipar and Ricardo Manullang are our main contact for employment related matters.